The Junk Merchants


A dynamic collection of provocative stories forming a tribute to the work and life of William S. Burroughs.

Foreword by novelist Graham Masterton.


  • PASO ROBLES – BY JOHN PALISANO. Inside there’s passage to a darker, deeper reality, if you rip off your eyelids to see it.
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN / WHERE ARE YOU NOW BY EMILE-LOUIS TOMAS JOUVET. The boy meant everything, both to the Exterminator and the Insects alike.
  • PRINCE OF MARS – BY SAM RICHARD. On the Red Planet, Bill Lee must fight for survival and the hand of the Prince of Mars.
  • AN INSIDER’S SKETCH OF THE RIO GRANDE VALLEY BY BOSLEY GRAVEL. The informed traveller’s guide to the Rio Grande Valley where nothing is true and everything is permitted.
  • THE ROUTINE OF A SKINNY JUNKIE- BY ANTHONY SERVANTE A day in the life of a Skinny Junkie: his hallucinatory thoughts and lucid insights.
  • CHORUS – BY TRAVIS J. GATES. A man, sick with life, contemplates the past and future while his surroundings look on.
  • DROUGHT IN POP UP – BY JØNATHAN LYONS. Xanthous is inspired by a patient the author witnessed as a janitor in a hospital, yellow and catheterized.
  • THE TIMER – BY DANIELE SANTAGIULIANA. A small rural town, from thousands of years practise a bloody ritual to gain something rare…
  • BURGER EMPIRE – BY TOM LUCAS. a walk-through for a seemingly innocent video game reveals a dark truth that lives among us.
  • ORGAN VOID – BY JON PADGETT. A commuter’s worldview is shattered by two words printed on a cardboard sign.
  • THE KINGDOM OF GOD – BY KARINA SIMS. You may try your very best. But man is flawed and his fate, sealed.
  • THE DUST OF TEN LONG DEAD STARS BY DEAN M. DRINKEL. How can one night a year ago still affect these people? It does and with disastrous results.

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