Leather to the Corinthians


“A perceptual Pandora’s Box cracks open as one gets a sense of being transported into a surreal, video game-like, sci-fi world where consumption and confusion rule…A cerebral roller coaster ride that keeps readers on their temporal toes!” — Between the Lines

“Hunter S. Thompson meets Monty Python meets the Marx Brothers meets Naked Lunch…A punning pastiche of the verbal kitsch of late twentieth/early twenty-first century America” — IndieReader

“A world of colourful chaos and filth (similar to the one found in Transmetropolitan) with a hint of Lewis Carroll’s sense in nonsense (or nonsense in sense) make this book a must read.” — Ramblings of an Aspiring Writer

“A fun read that will appeal to counter-culture enthusiasts.” — Midwest Book Review

“Lucas holds nothing back in this zany spin on consumerism and the chaos of cultural backstabbing.” — Bizarro Central


Celebrities grown in nutrient vats.
Holographic sex clubs where anything is possible.
A church that worships superheroes.
A military force of carnival clowns and plushie killing machines.

Welcome to The Village — home to a mad despot known only as The King, the mega-corporation Sell Inc, and the 10,000-channel media conglomerate Network One.

A coup has reduced The Village to rubble. Now, a nameless soldier struggles with his humanity, a priest faces a crisis of faith, a salesman falls in love with a digital mistress, and a post-punk tribe of motorized merchants fights for its very survival.

It’s going to take a while to clean up this mess. Hopefully, someone brought snacks.

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