Contract Signed! New Tom Lucas weirdness coming your way soon!

I’m pleased to announce that I have signed a contract with Beating Windward Press for my upcoming book:

Research Randy and the Mystery of Grandma’s Half-eaten Pie of Despair

The stars of a beloved series of children’s books, the clever Research Randy and his supernaturally sensitive sister Charlie, solved many cases in the idyllic coastal town of Serenity Bay to the delight of many readers over the last 30 years.

But now, suddenly transported to the creepy hamlet of Effingmouth, they find themselves in a bizarre place where nothing is what it seems, people are strange and secretive, and something awful lurks in the shadows.

This might be a mystery they don’t want to solve.

Research Randy has come a long way, from a pitch workshop at Bizarrocon 2015, to a handshake deal at AWP in 2018, and spending time bouncing around inboxes. Now it finally has a home. Randy is my tribute, love letter, pastiche, critique, satire and parody of Lovecraft and his mythos. Consider it Encyclopedia Brown Vs. Cthulhu. How’s that grab ya?

Fully illustrated, I consider this my most involved fiction writing project to date. I will be updating my blog as the project develops. Expect some fun stuff in the near future.

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