New book available!

Hello all,

It’s been a while. Hope you are doing all right considering this strip-mall apocalypse of ours seems never-ending. I hope you are working, healthy (and the same to you and yours). I’ve been busy…I am back in school working on an Ed.D. and putting final edits in for a novella I will have out some time next year! For now, just a small victory for my writing: I snuck my way into the TOC of Ghost Parachute: 105 Flash Fiction Stories. Yep, 105 stories are in this collection, so there is sure to be something that grabs you and gets you thinking. There is also some spectacular art accompanying many of the stories for the more visually inclined.

Ghost Parachute has been around for a minute. As a literary magazine that publishes almost all of its content online, it’s a real treat to see it in print form and on my shelf. It’s even sweeter to be included in this curated set of fine flash fiction. Ghost Parachute has been good to me over the years (you can find links to my stories they have published on my Written Works page. Great people and well worth the support. Support indie writers and publishers — it helps keep us caffeinated and creating.

Check out Ghost Parachute: 105 Flash Fiction Stories on my Books page.

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