Writing a Screenplay: How to Make Your Ideas a Reality

Ideas are cheap. If you are a creative, you should have a deep, deep well of ideas to draw from at any given moment. Ideas pop up while you’re stuck in traffic, while doing yard work, or when having an existential crisis at 3am on a Tuesday morning (not that I would know anything about that). Your results may very.

IMO, It’s really about the execution. How do you take an idea for a story and turn it into something viable, something that will speak to people in a meaningful way?

Or perhaps more relevant — How can you take an idea for a story or a screenplay and turn it into something that will sell?

Artistic integrity aside, if you are writing for an audience then you are dodging cars at the intersection of Art Street and Commerce Boulevard.

I don’t have all the answers for you, and with today’s market constantly changing, I could hardly tell you what’s a GOOD idea for a story. Well, I could but that would be in highly subjective terms.

That being said, perhaps this can help:

Last week, I sat down with two of my favorite colleagues, Susan and Carol, to discuss where to get ideas from, how to determine if they are viable, and how to develop that idea. We had a great time, so I imagine you will too.

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