The Annual Supervillains July 4th Picnic: In Review

Man on mic

I recently had the opportunity to be a featured reader at one of Orlando’s finest regular gatherings of literary types, drunks, and those that check off both boxes — Loose Lips.

Hosted by John King, who also hosts the long-running lit podcast/website, The Drunken Odyssey with John King, recorded the entire show which is now available on iTunes and for download.

Here’s the link:

Listen, and the title of this post will make complete sense. Don’t, and live out the rest of your life haunted by a nagging emptiness and general lack of completion.

I finished out the night, so I’m at the end. However, you should check out the other readers…that being said, the guy before me was a stand-up comedian who thought it was a general open-mic, not scheduled readers. He is just off-the-cuff and it’s well-worn material — single vs. married, sex, etc. Not for everyone, but you decide for yourself.


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