New Interview and Audiobook News!

Hello Earthlings!

Recently, the anthology featuring my werewolf story “Missing” — The Classics Never Die! — issued an audiobook version, and it’s pretty great. Audiobooks are something I’ve been considering for a while, along with getting my works translated and available in foreign language markets.


However, time is a limited resource and with such things I have to decide between writing new books and stories or working hard to promote those already out in the world. I have my extremely rewarding day job as an educator. Also, I get bored easily and always chase a thrill, so I usually just choose to work on new things.

This is not the best strategy for fame and fortune, but those aren’t motivators anyway.

STILL, I do need to do these things.

It was a freaking fantastic to hear a professional voice artist read my work, and it’s a long story so a whole hour of this audiobook is MINE. A WHOLE HOUR, and it’s GOOD. The story read better and felt better than I remembered and it was a thrill that is definitely worth pursuing further.

So, if you are an audiobook type, check out The Classics Never Die!. It’s a fun collection of stories inspired by the classic Universal Monsters and there are many talented writers to discover within it.

In conjunction with the release, one of its editors, the kickass Matthew Vaughn, is releasing a series of interviews with the collected authors and you can check out my interview here on his blog.

Matthew is a solid dude. When I debuted on the Bizarro writing scene, he was one of the first to reach out to me. We’ve been pretty tight (online, yet to meet in person) ever since. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ HIS BOOKS.

So in summary, new audiobook and interview. Enjoy!

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